Judyth Piazza chats with Rudolf Melik, Author of The Rise of the Project Workforce

I was recently interviewed by Judyth Piazza, CEO and Editor of The Student Operated Press. The interview is available in audio format on this page at thesop.org.

Here is an excerpt:

Many companies operate their departments as tribes.  For example, there is a Sales team, IT, HR, Support, the list goes on…Each tribe has a team, and each tribe has a budget. They tend to operate in silos, but they don’t work really well together–they tend to be very protective of their resources, of their budgets, of their tools. The book tries to break the tribe psychology, which obviously makes companies very inefficient and slow to react to change.

There is a project behind what you sell, and you have to pay people and bill people for that project, so it is a project-based environment. A lot of business processes cross the boundaries of the tribes. If you create a visual model of a business process, and define the rules of all the different people involved in the business process…when you visually define a business process, and people follow that process and agree to it, then all of the sudden, people involved in that process start to work much better together.

Essentially, the book talks a lot about how to push down authority in the organization to the ranks; try to create a flat organization where more decisions are made at the lower levels in the organization; how you can pull that information to them in real time so they can make decisions–and good decisions, on their own, without waiting for a hierarchy, or a chief somewhere, to make a decision for them; and how companies can reduce the tribe psychology, and work better together, and react much more quickly to the changes and the competition as they arise.

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