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Sales to Service and Everything in Between

Written by: Marlon Arevian – Senior Solution Consultant, Tenrox

Ahhh…the life of a Solution Consultant! They sit warm and snug, in between the Sales and Service departments. Solution Consultants’ inherit a hybrid role of ambassadors for their company’s products during the pre-sales process while effectively assessing scope and mitigating risk for the Service Delivery Team. They also bridge the gap of the high flying energy and emotional rollercoaster of Sales to the pragmatism and well-drawn lines of Professional Services. Outside of showcasing product offerings to potential customers, a big part of their job is to communicate what exactly our new customers are looking to accomplish. The Services Team needs to know things like objectives, scope and risks which were collected during the pre-sale process. Solution Consultants own the post sales knowledge transfer process which saves our customers a ton of frustration from not having to repeat themselves and allows our professional services team to kick off a project on solid ground. It also ensures that the customer vendor relationship is fluid from their initial contact to being live on the system.

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Onboarding New Project Resources

This post is from guest contributor Brad Egeland, a leading project management consultant and author. His website,, is regularly lauded as a top blog for project management, PMO and Agile related topics.

When it has to happen it can be a frustrating process to go through, but it happens to all of us at some point: the need to add or replace one or more key project resources on a highly visible or mission critical project in midstream.  And we all know that how we handle this process on our project and with the customer can mean the difference between success and failure on the engagement. Read the rest of this entry »

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