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This blog covers topics for Project Workforce Management Professionals. It provides insight and methods about how to better manage a project-driven workforce. 

Today’s project workforce is decentralized, globalized, and project-oriented. Whether the work you’re tracking is billable or not, internal or external, you are dealing with what Tenrox calls the project workforce.

TalentOnTarget, our project workforce management blog, is a place where you can identify key problems/issues for managing your projects and resources in a flat world, where work is fragmented, “projectized”, and performed by different resources with various skills in different places.

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  1. #1 by Rudolf Melik - Project Management Software Blog at May 6th, 2010

    Hello, we provide the software to companies with more than 15 employees. Yes it is SaaS, it is easy to use but there are some enterprise features that require project management/financial reporting/billing expertise, the software supports multiple languages, and yes it is used for forecasting resource utilization, project demand and other related forecasts.

  2. #2 by Yasotha at May 5th, 2010

    I am Yasotha Chandrakumaran a Post Graduate student of Hertfordshire University. I just had a look on your blog. And it gives many useul inormation. I am doing a small survey on project management softwares. I am sending this survey to find out the information about this software for my dissertation on “Project Management Sotwares use or Global organizations”.
    I am kindly asking you to help me on this survey.

    Is it easy and quick to enter the project information in this software?
    Is it easy and quick to obtain information from this software?
    Is it easy to find and update the items assigned to the colleagues when they are absent?
    Is this software platform independent?
    Do you give user guide with this software?
    Do you give training to use this software?
    Do you give for free of charge when you come up with additional new features?
    How long do you give maintenance service?
    Is this maintenance service free?
    Which of the following type of organization this software is more suitable?
    1. Small
    2. Middle
    3. Large
    Is this software possible to integrate with accounting softwares?
    Is this software possible to integrate with other project management softwares?
    How effective this software for migrating the data from the existing software?
    Is it possible to export and import data to/from MS Project?
    Is it possible to implement single sign on with this software?
    Is it easy to adapt for successful best practices?
    Do you give any back up facilities in remote sites?
    Is it more suitable for global organizations or internal organization use?
    Is it supports multi languages?
    Is this software provides 100% SaaS approach?
    All the features of this software need license to use it?
    Is it possible to manage multiple projects at the same time?
    Is this software can use to forecast future?

    Many Thanks

  3. #3 by Steven Kass at October 25th, 2009

    Hi Rudolf,

    My name is Steven Kass. I just checked your blog and appreciate the fact that you are really passionate about project management.

    We have just launched a new site at http://www.askaboutprojects.com. It is a Q&A site focused on project management.

    It uses a new type of platform that is at the crossroads of blogs, Wikipedia, Digg (for the votes), and even the Xbox (for the badges, and the playfulness) which has proved very successful with stackoverflow.com (which I believe has become the #1 Q&A site for developers).

    We would be grateful if you would consider checking it out, blog about it, or even better participate in it! There are still unanswered questions, and we need experienced PM to keep helping the less experienced.

    To get an idea of the full potential of askaboutprojects.com, it helps (me at least!) to look at the page featuring stackoverflow.com top users -> http://www.stackoverflow.com/users: you will see this is a very active community with top players of their field. It is also a very good way for professionals to promote their skills and gain awareness.

    We are contacting you and other bloggers… and hopefully will get this party started!

    Thank you for your time.

    If you need any help or additional info, let me know.

    Steven Kass

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